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Fuck my tits, cum on my nipples

There’s nothing that makes me cum harder than good, hard nipple play. I absolutely love having my tits played with and can cum easily (and over and over) just from nipple play. If someone shows interest in my boobs, if I catch them looking at them, I can’t help it, my nipples get hard. When someone notices that and I can see it is making them aroused, I can instantly feel my juices flowing, sometimes soaking my panties – if I’m wearing any… In crowds if I feel comfortable or naughty I’ll rub my rock hard nipples against someone until I cum, it doesn’t take much. If they play along and touch them, I cum hard and always inspired to return the favor. You can see how hard my nipples get when they get attention, clearly visible through my clothes. I love the ... Read More»

Masturbating to orgasm on the night train

I took the night train in a shared car and started to get really aroused thinking about the strangers around me. It was a little scary, being so close to someone – a good looking guy to be sure, but if he wasn’t comfortable with someone cumming hard just over him, there really wasn’t any place to go. It was a bit high stakes, but that just added to the pleasure. This was shot in the night train’s night light mode, no additional light, so the pictures have a lot of noise, but you can clearly see what I’m doing, how hard my nipples get – clearly visible even in the dark, and how deep my hand went into my pussy as I started to cum. At first I was a little uncomfortable, and just slipped my tits out of my top and started playing with my nipples – once my ... Read More»

At the drive=in Movie 1963 with Sylvia

Sylvia and her friends at the drive-in 1963 . Judy and I made a lot more love. We had had more sex than most people do in ten years. Rachel and Judy and I had a lot of sex over the next year until she left for New York, but my mother and Cecil and I...never again. She wouldn't even talk to me about it till years later. I was eighteen...there were only two ways I could go after fucking my mother, I cold become celibate or be a whore., I decided I had out to see where it would go. I didn't have sex with anybody, not Judy, not Rachel, not anybody except my hand for about a month after it all happened. Mom was acting as if nothing had happened at all, which pissed me off. I didn't know know what she was supposed to do, but ignoring the sex and ignoring me was not ... Read More»

On the Ferry to Friday Harbor

Silkie asked me to drive her to the ferry in Anacortes, so that she could visit her friend, Leo. On the way to the ferry, she told me about him. " Leo was my lover, when I first moved to Bellingham, before I met you, before I met Chris. I've told you about other guys who treated me like shit, but Leo isn't one of those guys. I don't know if he likes me as much as I like him, but he was always really nice, really funny. I met him when I went in to get my guitar fixed. He had this little shop, down by the water, where he fixed instruments, and where he made those wonderful banjos?" " He is in Friday Harbor now. His brother is a blacksmith. Leo works there sometimes, but mostly he is making banjos, singing in the coffee house there, giving banjo ... Read More»

My Friends Screw My Mom

Hi I am David and I am 25 years old. I still live with my family and I am the only child. My dad is always abroad because of his work and our house is very big and I didn't need to have my own house so I live in that big house with my 45 years old mom. Last year I started to go to gym and I made friends. Their names were Jack and Paul, we are all the same age but they are much taller and more muscular than me because they have been going to the gym for a much longer time. I found them really fun and they loved me too so I became their new friend. We became closer friends and I started to invite them to my house. My mom was also joining us when we were doing something together like watching movies and chatting. One day Jack invited me to his house, he wasn't ... Read More»

Hot Summer Heat

It was a hot steamy day and I decided to take a day off from work. With nothing to do but watch my favorite porn videos it did not take long to get worked up and horney. For months I had toyed with the idea of going to a black bar and see what would happen to an innocent white girl just stopping in for a drink. Today would be perfect and I but on my thinnest Summer dress thihi stockings and heels. This was to be an exciting day I hoped. I have always dreamed of doing this. I took a cab to a place cross town payed the cabby with my last twenty dollars. I had purposely left my purse at home just to be perfectly vulnerable with no way to get home. I took a very deep breath and entered the poorly lit bar and looked around acting like a girl in unfamiliar ... Read More»

The cougar Wendy will prey

“While the husband’s away, the cougar will prey, Chapter 1” I’d seen her sometimes in the supermarket, and my Mom had once pointed her out as the wife of one of the directors at the company for which my Dad worked as a storeman. Although I guessed that she was in her late forties or so, I found my admiring gaze drawn to her each time. I was eighteen years old and, due to my shyness, was still a virgin, though I didn’t admit it to my friends. To a eighteen-year old virgin, she was intriguing and arousing: she oozed class, but with a hint of teasing, she was more than twice my age and, as if that were not enough, she was married. I sometimes fantasised about her. I wondered how many times she had had sex. I knew how many times I had done so. She was slim, ... Read More»


DIANA'S TALES - TENNIS PT. 01 Oldbroad76 Disclaimer -- All characters are 18 or older. Author's note -- This story was written in collaboration with Diana R. ****** "Good shot!" I called out as another ball whizzed by. What the hell have I gotten myself into? My husband's nephew, Will, was in town for spring break week with his mother, my sister in law, Carol. He was a freshman at a small university on a tennis scholarship, and he wanted to keep his ground strokes sharp while away from school, so I had promised to dust off my old racket and try to give him some practice. "Good backhand!" I shouted as a two-hander screamed past. I warned my sister-in-law I hardly played anymore, but she had insisted I needed to practice with him, ... Read More»


WELL WHAT HAPPENED WAS Wendy, as frustrated, hubby Trevor was still away in the Alaskan oil field, no doubt freezing the assets of some small oil company, found she was frustrated again, it didn’t take much, as she said to me the other day; I'm a classy woman outside of the bedroom...but once I let go I can be a very classy slut---no one would ever think I do things like this! Trevor had kept in touch saying the job was going to be longer and slower than he had expected, but that`s not the same as being long slow and in Wendy. She had had a wonderful weekend, a distant sensuous memory now, a month in the past and during which she had taken the virginity of three young men in a weekend which as her writer I had been asked to write about triggering I have no ... Read More»

My first time with a friend

I had a very good sexual experience with a friend that I enjoy remembering until this day. It was not forced, it just happend and I went along with it. To set you up into my good memory, I first have to talk about my body at that point. I was a very slender but fit young boy, 20 years old. I had longer blond hair up to my shoulders and my own favorite and sensitive body part, my well shaped bum. I had to use my bicycle for 3 years to reach the next town to go to technical college so you can imagine that it was a muscular and quite bigger ass - despite that it still had the right amount of softness and roundness that was admired by many women at that time. I was always interested in both sex but usually had no chance to try out men. Until that one day. A ... Read More»

Mr bulge adventure

San Diego 1989 I was a young hippie guy hitch hiking a clean cut tall man in a van offered me a ride I accepted after a few miles we stopped for gas I noticed a porn mag under my seat from some place I couldn't understand I seen some man boy stuff the man returned and said "I have to make a call be back in a few minutes there are porn mags in back" "ok" I looked at the one under my seat and then looked at the other mags at the bottom was a another radical gay he seen me looking at he said "I'm going to pick-up a friend" we drove towards a slough by the coast a large built man came towards the passenger side opened the slider and got in wearing soccer shorts saying "hello you runaway" I didn't say no they drove and ... Read More»

brat 14

Część 16. Przebudziłem się w nocy, gdy poczułem przy swoim kutasie jędrne pośladki Roberta kutas zaczął mi pulsować. Przytuliłem się mocniej do Roberta rękę położyłem wzdłuż jego ciała na jego nogach on jeszcze mocniej docisną swoją dupcie do mojego fiuta. Mój fiut był w przedziałku pomiędzy jego pośladkami coraz bardziej twardy. Nie wiem czy Robert jeszcze spał, gdy zacząłem masować go po bioderkach schodząc na pośladki rozchylając je i masując okolice oczka swoim kutasem. Chciałem mu zajebać swojego kutasa w dupę, ale jak by spał to nie wiem jak by zareagował. Stwierdziłem, że popieszczę go jeszcze trochę by się obudził. Odgarnąłem jego włosy z karku i zacząłem delikatnie go całować po karku plecach. Schodziłem z całowaniem coraz niżej kutas mój odsunął się ... Read More»

Wendys Older Neighbor

Wendy’s Older Neighbor After making myself cum with my toys thinking of what was to come at the party my neighbor Jerry was going to have for me. Wondering the whole time how many young blacks and their ages would there be there for me to get serviced by. Knowing that my husband would be away for another month it made me very horny! As he would go crazy if he knew I let others fuck me , let alone young blacks! Saturday morning I woke up and showered , trimmed my pussy hair on top and shaved my pussy lips smooth. After drying off I put perfume on my neck, breasts lower tummy and pussy and thigh areas. I wanted to be just right for my young studs and give them the time of their lifes. I then picked out my wraparound short dress with a low open front that ... Read More»

Wendys Older Neighbor 2

Chapter 2 After Jerry licked my pussy clean I left saying next time lick my pussy in front of the studs to show them that you are cucked. He said the thought of doing it intrigued him and that he just might. Then I went home to clean up as I was a mess needing to douse my pussy clean of the cum and get ready for more hopefully the next day. After showering and douching I went to bed and thought about what went on and how much I loved it. Yes I wanted to have more fun at Jerry’s place with more young blacks that have just turned eighteen wanting mature pussy. Falling asleep with a warm satisfied pussy. I woke up with someone pounding on the front door. “OMG I thought I left the curtains open in the upstairs bedroom that was my signal to young guys that ... Read More»

Hello Wendy

Paul and Tyrone became close friends after Tyrone moved into the neighborhood. Tyrone and his mom were the 1st blacks to move in to this middle class neighborhood. Tyrone's dad was killed in Afghanistan. The government assistance and insurance money allowed them to move to a better neighborhood . Paul lived with his divorced mother. Tyrone and Paul spent a lot of time at each other's house, Soon they were talking about how hot each other's mothers were. Both of the boys were not happy with each other talking about their mom's. Paul would try and divert the talk about Tyrone wanting to fuck his mom Into the hot neighbor miss Wendy that lived a few doors up the road. the boys had walked past her house many times, watching her working in the yard With no bra, And ... Read More»